Product range
Product range

We export spare parts for commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, buses!

Chassis: Leaf sptings, air springs, shock absorbers, cab damper, coupling rods, truck wheels, ball joints, trailing arms, axles, steerings, drag-links, wheel hubs, wheel bearings, stabilizer.

Brake system: Brake discs, brake cylinders, brake drums, brake pads, brake valves, brake caliper, brake lining sets, repare kits.

Engine parts and drive components: Clutchs, gearboxes, propeller shafts, differentials, clutch servo, turbocharger, flywheel, injection nozzle, cylinder liner, engine pistons, rod bearing, V-belts, gasket sets, repair kits, exhoust systems.

Compressed air: Compressors, air dryers, compressed air tanks, air spring valve, solenoid valves, pressure switchs.

Filter: Hydraulic filters, cabin filters, fuel filters, fuel filter cartridge, air filter, oil filter.

Cooling system: Radiators, charge air cooler, fan blades,water pumps, oil coolers, thermostats, coolant expansion tanks, coolant hoses.

Electrics & Lighting: Starter battery, starter motor, alternators, helical cables, adapters and plugs, headlamps, rear light, fog light, spotlight, position light, marker light, indicators and switches, sensors, bulbs.

Air conditioning system: Air-conditioning compressors, heat exchangers, interior fans, Blowers, condensers, evaporators, filter dryers.

Vehicle parts: Wiper blades, wiper motor, washer fluid pump, mirrors, windscreens, wind deflectors, spoilers, entry boxes, bumpers, splash protections.

Lubricants and antifreezes: Motor oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, coolants, antifreezes, screenwash fluids, chemical additives, greases, sprays.We offer also industrial equipment in original manufactured quality for Workshops.

Workshop equipment: Factory and storage facilities, battary service equipment, brakes and axles service equipment, compressed air, oil and grease supplies, lifting systems, air-conditioning systems, engine and gear service equipments, testing and diagnosis technologies, tyre technologies, workplace equipment.

Tools: Pneumatic tools, power tools, hand tools, lubrication technologies, special tools, industrial equipment in original manufacturer quality.

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